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A better story

So some people are really entertained by the Buddha’s story with the mustard seed. Some of you are not and demand a better story. Well I am pretty much out of parables now, but if you like really bad jokes then read on.

What did the Buddhist monk say to the hotdog vendor? “Make me one with everything.”
When the monk asked for his change, the vendor replied, “Change comes from within.”

A man joins a Tibetan temple and takes a vow of silence but is allowed to say two words every year. After an ardous 12 months of eating rice, sleeping on a mat and working 14 hours in a field he goes to the head monk and says,”More Blankets.”
Another year passes and this time the man says “More Food” The man then goes through another 12 monthes and says “I’m leaving.”
The head monk says,”Good all you’ve done since you have been here is bitched.”

What’s carved on a nun’s tombstone?
Returned Unopened

Obviously, these jokes are just ok, so I highly recommend that you post your own, or quit chasitizing me about awesome Buddhist stories and mustard seeds.


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2 thoughts on “A better story

  1. Peking duck!

    Benji Milanowski!
    When did you get a livejournal?

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