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“Thank God for Permission Slips”

What’s better than attempting to do a handspring while not spraining your ankle? Watching someone attempt to do a handspring and actually sprain their ankle. In the martial art of Kok Sool Won a lot of neat things are learned such flips, joint locks, ramming your hand into a person’s chest and removing their heart Indiana Jones style, all the standard things you would think of.
One young man, in his attempt to learn how to flip ended up spraining his ankle. And really this makes perfect sense as he is not the most in shape guy. None the less it was fun for me because I learned how to not do a flip as demonstrated by the man previous, and I was able to treat a sprained ankle something I have not done in a long time. I’ve never heard anyone swear more either after spraining something. The class eased his pain however by saying that if anyone asks he should say he earned it in Kok Sool Won and that there were ten guys and he knocked out nine of them but then the tenth one sucker punched him . . . . .in the ankle.


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