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The doc is making his rounds

Most everyone has heard the song “Cats in the Cradle.” Essentially it is about a father that’s to busy for his son, was never there for him, and in the end, regrets it. I am beginning to feel that I am experiencing a syndrome similar to it.
In high school I felt as though I was always there for people. Now I don’t feel that I am there for anyone. This may be due to the fact that I am always somewhere studying or concentrating on some other aspect. My middle name Edward means guard and while I have lived up to it in the sense that I have guarded people by volunteering as security, or working as a medic in the Rescue Squad. It was fun doing those things, making rounds and making sure everyone was ok, but when was the last time that I made real rounds? Making sure that my friends are fine and that their lives are sweet and sassy? When did I start using the phrase sweet and sassy?
My Grandpa was named Edward and he lived up to his namesake by helping anyone and everyone with anything and everything. He wanted a grandchild with the first name of Edward, not the middle name. Right now I am glad to have it as a middle name just because I am not living up to the legacy he set up with the name.
In short, if I haven’t been there I am sorry. If you need me or want me there just talk. Doctors make rounds every couple of hours, and hopefully soon this doc will make his rounds.


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One thought on “The doc is making his rounds

  1. The truth

    Wasn’t your grandpa’s name edwardo, like a mexican name, since you are a mexican? Or is this the side of the family that works in the submarine factory and installs screen doors on them

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