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Valentine’s Day is now a week in the past and you may be wondering, “How can I keep the girl I recently seduced enticed?” I will tell you how my friend, take her to Improv Club on Friday nigh from 7 to 9 pm in Beering 2290. Nothing keeps the magic going longer than free, on the fly comedy.
Maybe you didn’t get as lucky this Valentine’s Day which I am sure, is somehow a shame. You can atone this shamefulness by also coming to Improv Club. There are plenty of single guys along with like three girls (we are funny and good but not that funny and good).
If nothing else you can just forget your worries by laughing and watching people make some really funny jokes, or some really bad jokes, at which point you can point and laugh and say, “I’m glad he’s not my room mate . . . . Oh, wait-he is.” This is also a great way to pre-party as it gets you in the mood for drinking and fun. Best of all it is free. Second best of all, I play in some of the improv games, and sometimes-but only sometimes- I can be witty.
While a good time cannot be guaranteed, the more people there, the more likely a good time will be had. Write that down. So if you are looking for something free and fun to do, I highly recommend coming to Beering 2290 on Friday night from 7 to 9.


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    I want your hot, sexy body, Benji.

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