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     Somtimes it is about the small victories, or the most minute accomplishments.  Maybe you have crashed a party, and then you gave a toast at that party.  Maybe you have dated two girls at once and not a single time confused their names.  Maybe you stayed up for a consecutive 48 hours doing something stupid like driving or playing HALO.  Well, my friends, I’ve got something to add to the list of my accomplishments, I’ve created a new delectable beverage.

     At Discount Den, aka The Den, you can mix and match a variety of Pepsi products to produce new combinations.  The Den actually encourages you to do and they evey have signs giving recipes for oddly named drinks like “Blue Balls” or “The Rumpshacker.”  I’ve made a drink I want to add to their list, “The Beer Medic”  Half root beer, half Dr. Pepper, 100% good.  I plan on giving my recipe to the manager there so that they can write my recipe on one of their mighty colorful signs.  This may not seem like anything new or spectacular to anyone but as I said it is about the small achievements sometimes. 

Beer Medic:  Drink Yourself Healthy



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