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Improv: Looking for Fun in All the Right Places

            This week is chalk full of events. To all my hippie friends Thursday is Earth Day so go plant a tree or smoke weed. For all of Purdue, it is Grand Prix week. Probably most importantly is Friday. As not only is Friday the weekend it is also Improv night. Every Friday from 7-9 in Beering 2290 people gather to watch and make up comedy on the fly.                

             Some of you may argue, “I’d rather get drunk.” Well my friends it has been statistically proven that Improvisational comedy enhances the positive effects of alcohol by 13.5 fold. For those of you who haven’t taken stats yet, this means you can go ugly earlier, or drink them cute faster – all thanks to improv comedy.

            Maybe due to Earth Day you meet some really awesome free-lovin’ hippie.  Good for you!  I highly suggest taking this hippie to improv club on Friday night in Beering 2290 because it will show her that you have a sense of humor.  While the jokes and material are created new, we all practice recycling so need to worry about offending your new hippie friend/lover.   

            We at improv are worldly fellows and understand that not everyone has the socioeconomic status they so rightfully deserve.  As such we make improv affordable to everyone.  In fact it is so cheap that it is free.  Also, I’ll try and be witty this time around. So folks, please feel free to come down to Beering 2290 from 7-9 Friday night to enjoy soon-to-be-drunk-aware-of-the-earth-cheap-and-entertaining-fun. 


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One thought on “Improv: Looking for Fun in All the Right Places

  1. i concur! everyone should go!

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