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            Ordinarily, I suggested taking your date to see the Ship of Fools on Friday nights in order to impress him or her.  However, with it presently being the summer the Ship of Fools does not perform every Friday night in Beering 2290 from 7 to 9. 

            In order to prevent you from lacking things to impress your date with I have compiled a list of things to know and talk about while on a date.  Some of these things may cause a person to remark, “Muuhhh??” Some of the comments may cause a person to think you are pretentious so please, gauge the audience when using the terms and historical figures below.  Thank you. 


Giordano Bruno: In the 17th century he conceived of the universe as being infinite in time and space a notion similar to what Einstein proved with his relativity theories.  Unlike Einstein; however, Bruno was burned at the stake for heresy because of his allegations.


Charles Marie de la Condamine: Went to South America in 1735 to measure the curvature of the earth.  Instead of doing what he was supposed to he discovered rubber.  While it was cool back in the 18th century, rubber didn’t become especially useful until Charles Goodyear discovered how to vulcanize rubber by adding sulfur to it. 


Television invented by one Philo Farnsworth.  The first thing he transmitted over TV waves was a straight line.  Initially he thought his invention could help the world but later came to the conclusion that he had created a monster.


Georges de Mestral: Invented Velcro (essentially two strips of fabric, one with hooks and the other with loops) in 1948.  Velcro comes from the words velour/velvet and crochet hook. 


Existentialism: No God, no fixed human nature.  Man on his own, responsible for self.  This freedom to define his own life is the source of man’s dread.


Metaphysics: The big questions in life.  What is the ultimate nature of being? Are people basically good or evil? Why do they have locks on a store that opens 24 hours?


Entropy: Degradation of energy from order to disorder.  An ice cube nice and symmetric melts into a mess. So does the universe.  So does your room if you don’t clean it.


Debenture: An IOU from a corporation (maybe Enron) to a person (maybe an investor of Enron.)


Eminent Domain: The right for the government to take your land (generally with compensation) so that they can do something for the greater good.



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