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                        “Glory is fleeting . . .” Napoleon Bonaparte


            I am sure when Napoleon used that quote he was referring to ruling a majority of Europe before he the beginning of his end and exile.  I, however, was using the quote to represent the end of summer vacation.  We, students, pursuers of knowledge must resume our schooling, unless you dropped out in which case you can resume growing a mullet.  With the beginning of another great college year there are certain things to remember:


  • You cannot judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a class by its title.  The more words/multisyllabic words/words that start with Q the harder the course you are taking.  Quality Quintessential Quantum Mechanics in the Euclidian Universe versus Einsteinian Theory is probably a harder course than o so say underwater fire prevention.  There are no q’s in fire prevention. 
    • Side note: Some English majors are really good with their thesauruses and may use extra verbiage to describe something like American Lit.  Don’t believe them.


  • I cannot stress this one enough.  It would seem like common sense, but if you are drunk, do not ask a police officer how to get back to your place of residence.  It just won’t work out for you.


  • 1. Find a frat brother

      2. Make him your friend

3. Get on a list

4. Go to parties where there are hot, drunken sorority girls

5. Enjoy College


  • Sleep is the enemy of production.  Caffeine is your best friend.
  • Shower shoes are probably more important than books



And with those words of wisdom I hope that you have a great school year. 





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One thought on “college

  1. hey, the course was called
    Gothic Literature with Theaterical Offshoots of the Nation from 1865 to the Present
    toooootally not the same as american lit…
    ok, so it is-but we’re reading cool things like “The Haunting of Hill House”, “The Turn of the Screw”, and “The Shining”

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