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Forget Popped Collars. Start Your Own Trend!!


Thanks to my sailor of a room mate I’ve learned how to place images and logos on objects and sell them for moderate to high prices.  Now since I don’t have my own logo and there are very few organizations I am willing to be affiliated with i.e. AAA I figured I would place the logo and slogan of the Ship of Fools; the genuine, bona fide, certified, and sexified Purdue Improv club. 

At present, the items for sale are unofficial as I haven’t talked about any of this with anyone actually on the comedy corp.  Honestly, we don’t even have an official slogan.  The one you see on the products was something I randomly made up and placed on there till someone funnier in the group told me to use their motto because it is genius.  So right now these products are hot, illicit and bound to be collector’s items because they are first run productions so I encourage you to buy them, or to at least look and snicker to yourself.  I’m not really sure, but I believe the Ship of Fools gets some meager profit out of this which we would appreciate.

            The site is called: so go there and buy fun things today!


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