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Hang This!

            When I was younger I thought that a majority of children’s games sucked.  In fact I still think that.  I was never a fan of tic tac toe since it is very easy to figure out a perpetual way to win.  I never liked MASH either because no matter how often it says it, I highly doubt that Jen Garner and I are going to have 426 babies and live in an apartment.  With that many kids it better be a big apartment . . . and rent controlled.  I also was never a fan of hangman, that is until the Ship of Fools started playing it before Friday night shows. 

            With the Fools most logical conventions are thrown out, as often is the case with any fool.  Instead of categories like “Books” we take it up a notch with categories like “Foreign Articles of Clothing”.  Which by the way the answer to that was a marvelous Seinfeld reference to the European carry all.  Sometimes we have mundane categories like “Hot or Cold” but then the answer turned out to be “The Thermodynamic End of the Universe.” 

            What makes the game fun is not only the odd categories and answers but also the eclectic group we have.  Not once but twice I placed up all the spaces and without guessing a single letter Jeff was able to state the answer.  One category was TGIF and the answer was Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place.  How he guessed that I’ll never know.  So the next time you are bored I recommend playing hangman and while you may use categories like movies, try changing it up a bit by making it men that have played presidents in movies. 




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One thought on “Hang This!

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Hang That

    Boredom, it happens often, for some more than others. I guess for me it’s not really boredom but lost of interest or attention. I read this entry the other day and proceeded to try it while sitting next to a friend in class. I must say it was quite fun. I started with something simple, “song lyrics”. After a few games I came to the conclusion that I suck at it! None the less it was a good time.

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