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Never let your schooling interfer with your education

Many think the Ship of Fools are just about comedy and nothing serious. Well, let me tell you that they can be a true learning experience. This weekend I learned:
• Two Improv groups can function together to produce a cohesive show
• I apparently have to take off my shirt during a show, short of it being in a church
• Girls do not pillow fight in their underwear despite how many movies depict that they do*
• Santa Claus, Indiana not only exists but also has every street named after something related to Christmas. Still waiting to find Jesus’ Way.

*Why is this a turn on? Two girls are grappling with pillows in their underwear and this is some how sexual? Do you expect them to start making out or something? Even then do you expect them to ask you to join them? Yes I am sure that is exactly what they are thinking. “Do you know what we need in this sexual fling Tina? Someone really inept at sex that requires pliers to remove our bras.”


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