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It was just like any other improv night. Couple of bad puns with a wonderfully new game called Last Action Hero, some mime and gibberish with Chain Murder Mystery, and getting your gorgon with Blind Lines. It was just like any other improv night till the last game came rolling around. Paul requested that I come up for the last game along with two other people. There was a mad rush to get up there but having a feeling I knew what game was to be played I quickly chose Ash and Ryan. The game was 3 things, but not quite. Apparently having broken 3 Things time records Paul went mad and upped the ante: 5 things in the usual 3 minutes. Could such madness be done?
When you have Ash and T. Rex it can be. In an exhausting, fast paced mime & gibberish extravaganza all five things were conveyed with 10 seconds to spare. I have never achieved such glory while invading France with an army of bunnies with baguettes (though I thought sub sandwich) instead of rifles, hitchhiking with nine irons for thumbs and space shuttles for cars, or even minting squirrels. It was an amazing experience, so thank you Paul for raising the bar and thank you Ash and T. Rex for some of the finest mime and gibberish I have ever seen. We just won Three Five Things, I’m going to Disney Land.


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