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4-1-1 Yo!

So in case you have been wondering, I am still in West Lafayette and I will continue to be here through the summer.  I am working at a pseudo summer camp and as such I won’t always be residing at my current address.  How can it be pseudo?  Well, the kids are being experimented on.  That’s right.  Don’t worry it doesn’t violate a code of ethics.  They get to have fun, we get to gather data – happy times all around.  At any rate, should you desire to contact me here’s some info:


Phone: 219-309-0597

AIM: Docmilanowski


Address: As soon as I know where I will be living for the camp I’ll post that.  Should you desire to send me something now, well just talk to me and I’ll give it to you. 


So yeah, what are you summer plans %n?  Hmmm I see %n doesn’t have the same affect outside of AIM.  So much for self addressing envelope idea. 



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2 thoughts on “4-1-1 Yo!

  1. Hi benji. I was just fixin’ to send you lots and lots of money… packed with lots and lots of girls… packed with lots and lots of cake; yeah, they’re kinda large, but I had to save on them to send you the cold hard cash. But, alas, no mailing address. I guess I’ll just have to keep the money and cut open the womens for their cake.

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