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Rotate and Use the D Pad


            After helping two friends move it occurred to me that Tetris has taught a generation how to pack properly and move awkwardly shaped couches through narrow doors.  They’re just like the L shaped pieces!


            In other news at least I haven’t done this in my pursuit to get a date with Jen Garner, though if it works maybe I should have done it.  Either way, I still don’t know how to make a website.   What can I say, I’m just a different kind of nerd.


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4 thoughts on “Rotate and Use the D Pad

  1. I’m guessing you’re referring to moving my brother in? I’m Paul’s sister, Amy. Nice to meet(?) you Benji.

    And you don’t know how to make a website? *shakes head* You are a different kind of nerd then.

    That’s all I’ve got. Decided to check out a few of Paul’s friend’s blogs.

    • I am referring to your brother Paul. It is a pleasure to “meet” you as well. And not all of us nerds learned how to make websites. Some of us nerds spent time using CAD, AutoDesk Inventor, and learning to save lives. By the way, I’m one of Paul’s future room mates in case he never told you. Sooooo on that note feel free to visit Paul, Me, and the rest of the room mates some time.

      • Learning to save lives is important but your extra time could be spent learning how to make a website. And I really doubt my brother would love me just showing up at your guy’s apartment one day but I probably will pop up one day for some reason or another.

  2. I feel I should also add that it is helpful humming/singing the tetris theme while moving things. Though it is not necessary to move in a bit wise fashion.

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