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Statistically It Was Bound To Happen

I had a nice record going for me but then the inevitable happened, I was pulled over.  I’ve been driving for about 6 years with out ever being pulled over.            The officer was amazingly nice.  He asked where I was heading and I told him I was going back to camp and I began to realize that he didn’t care.  I even stated that to him at which point in time he asked for only my license which surprised me because in movies they always ask for registration as well.  I gave it to him but I was hesitant because I wanted to ask him if I could back in the car with him to see what they do.  Do they simply run my ID through a machine?  Type something in?  Play solitaire and pretend to look stuff up?   I regret not asking, after all what’s the worst that could happen? He’d write me a ticket?  Oh yeah I guess that would be kind of annoying.  He didn’t write me a ticket, simply gave me a warning which is nice since that doesn’t go on my record which be useful when I apply again to the FBI.  I can only imagine that the FBI would check my live journal during a background check, after all live journals have played important roles on various cases see Rachelle Waterman.   In case any government agency does check this fine LJ, I feel as though I should have a message for them, and right now the only message I can think of is, “Hire me.  I’m up for the challenge of working with such a fine agency.  Oh, and ignore any of the anti-America jokes I may have made.  I swear I was being sarcastic.” 



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