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New Room Mate: Season 2!

            Due to the sad moving of former room mate Christian, there was a mad scramble to try and find someone who could replace him.  Christian 2.0 came in the form known as Paul. 

            Paul isn’t from around here, ‘fact he hails from a completely different state and had an internship in another completely, different state.  As such, he stored his personal effects here for the summer so that he wouldn’t have to hall them from one state to another to another and then back here.  Sure the displacement would be minimal but the distance hauling would be a pain.

            One of the things stored was a nice desk.  Paul initially left the desk downstairs instead of placing it in his room.  As a result, I often stated that I would move the desk up the stairs but if I did I would also cover the desk in glitter.

            I ended up moving his desk upstairs but I couldn’t be nice about it.  Clearly something had to be done to the desk.  I had to let Paul know that I am a douche bag.  But how?  Let’s face it; glitter is the only substance which violates the conservation of matter and I don’t like to be a jerk and violate scientific law.  I decided to do the one thing that couldn’t really upset him; I covered the desk with cling wrap.  200 ft of cling wrap.  It was a truly a gratifying experience seeing Paul’s face and watching him unwrap his desk.  It was like a Christmas present designed to piss some one off – kind of like tube socks from Grandma. 

            He didn’t seem to mind that I did this, after all I did move his desk upstairs (all by my self I might add, which as a skinny guy is one of the proudest moments of my life.)  We kept the cling wrap in a ball but it kept de-sphereing itself in a lava lamp manner.  As a result I covered the cling wrap ball in duct tape.  It’s really something to marvel toward. 


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3 thoughts on “New Room Mate: Season 2!

  1. Anonymous on said:




    FREAKING LOL!!!! thats 1337 pwnz0rs!

    I bet he felt really fautro.

  2. lol.

    Way to have nothing better to do than cover my brother’s desk with 200 ft of cling wrap. Don’t get me wrong, I laughed my ass off when I read this post and saw the pics 🙂

    I like that the piece of paper in one of the pics says something like “at least it’s not glitter”.

    that PWNED!

    • Re: lol.

      It’s not that I didn’t have anything better to do (which in reality I didn’t) I just thought it would be hilarious and very helpful. After all you want to seal those desk up for freshness as they rot rather fast. Amazingly it took about 5 minutes to completely wrap the desk in cling wrap. If Paul has any other effects laying around you could certainly do the same or something very similar. Might I suggest tin foil?

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