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Guess who got invited to a “No Pants Party”?  If you guessed “Me” You’d be right.  Other answers accepted would be Benji, Stud, Benji Milanowski, Sexy, Benji “Boom Boom” Milanowski, and Chester Elegante.  Having been invited to a “No Pants Party” checks off dream number 14 on my dream to do list.  So thanks!

Admittedly, I am a little curious, do I just go to the party and check my pants at the door?  Could I wear a skirt or kilt since that is technically not pants?  More to come when these questions are answered.


In other news it seems as though FEMA has laid claim to my kitchen sink.  The worst part about it is the fact that I am the only one qualified to be near the biohazardous material.  I really think one of my room mates called in a political favor to avoid dishes. 


Finally, and possibly most seductively importantly, the Ship of Fools/Purdue Improv Club is having its callout on September 9th, 2005.  It will include such amazing features like:

·         Performance from the Ship of Fools

·         The opportunity for you to try performing improv games

·         Benji


In conclusion you should all be there or be severely labeled as square. 


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