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            Edgar Allan Poe thought that being buried alive would be one of the worst fates to suffer.  Cask of Amontillado is proof of this theme.  The key to not getting buried alive is doing things right away, or if not immediately then at least develop a plan for them.  I had a plan manifested as towards releasing great, funny live journal articles but in order to not be buried alive by other things i.e. school I’ve decided to compact the articles into one bullet form synopsis & outline.

  • There was a great show put on by the Ship of Fools and the Crazy Monkeys last Friday.  Highlights include
    • Freshman and T. Rex rolling a 20 on a D20 and simultaneously saying, “Natural Twenty! Alright!” and then high fiving (this wasn’t actually part of the show mind you . . . that’s just how we roll.)
    • Andy Ober once again proving his worth to the team by
      • MCing when needed
      • Shaking up the convention during Bitch Concerto which generate great laughs
      • Being a Jew
      • Having me do the robot worm despite the fact that I cannot
    • Three Things being completed with time to spare
    • A nice two person story feat. Paul to cause the audience to be like putty in our hands
    • T. Rex and I simultaneously saying, “That’s hot.” After a Monkey stated in a sexy British accent, “We believe in corporal punishment here”  (also, not during the show, but seriously, it was hot.)
  • A promotional item that I received from Aflac has been passed back and forth by Paul and I in some rather unusual manners
    • He has paratrooped into my room landing on my fan
    • Hanged himself
    • Appeared in Paul’s bed
    • Appeared in my vase
    • Been “duck” taped to a door
    • And today I walked into my room and caught him looking at duck porn
  • After a brainstorming session AKA hanging out, Paul, Andy, and I came up with the following:
    • A car alarm that says, “Polo” so you can find your lost car in the pool that is a parking lot
    • Fantasy Congress, like Fantasy Baseball but with something that might actually be an American pastime (past time?)
    • God’s blog, talk about things like the coming of his son, manifesting a date system known as “A.D.” and “B.C.”, and his quiz results about what kind of liquor he would be


            Yeah, those were great times . . . and now, so that I don’t end up like Fortuna the inebriated Freemason, I am going to go back to stuDYING. 


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3 thoughts on “

  1. Oh wow, what you guys and my brother won’t think of next…
    *shakes head*
    And to think, you guys are in college. Do you not have anything better to do? I hope you don’t have anything better to do because then my entertainment would be non-existant.

    – Amy

  2. Is… that… a collage (mind you, hand made) of Jennifer Garner next to the duck vase??? Oh my, Benji… oh my.

    • I should explain, no there’s not enough time, let me sum up. On a birthday some friends gave me a collage that they made of Jen Garner since I tend to find her ohhh I dont know sexy. I’m simply displaying a piece of art that some friends gave me.
      Also, this isn’t nearly as weird as the shrine you made of Sara(h) – – granted she is your wife now but still.

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