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            For whatever reason, Steak and Shake attracts the surreal.  The Ship of Fools went to SnS one evening and ended up signing a girl’s body, last Friday we went there and well . . . just keep reading.

            As the Fools & Co. sat enjoying a meal a small group of teenagers, probably seniors in high school, came walking through the door clad in fake mustaches while sporting canes.  Of course our natural reaction was to make jokes because seriously, who does that? 

            Apparently, the hooligans heard us and as they sat across the restaurant they kept giving us the stink eye, the crook eye, and various other eyes while periodically waving their cane at us. 

            As the Fools were about to leave we felt that something should be done, but what?  It struck us, all out gang war.  Broadway style.  We grapevined and twinkle stepped our way over there whilst snapping in unison very akin to West Side Story.  As we were doing this they Mustaches stood up and started tapping their canes on the ground.  We began thinking this would be great fun till they started being belligerent and failed at slams, dises, and other synonyms for put downs.

            We just “played it cool” and let our wit consume them like a “shark.” 


            “So are you guys even old enough to vote?”  inquired Spanke

            Approximately thirty-seconds later after moving on, “I vote that you’re gay!”  Mustachio


            Even if we didn’t have wit their ill-timed jokes were just pitiful.  But I digress, we snapped our way out the bistro as we left them humbled in a mire of wit.  As we left there was another group of college kids that were laughing the whole time that said, “That was great.”  The waiter also passed by us and said, “You should have kicked their ass.  But thanks for that anyway.” 


            Sign a girl’s arm.  Pretend to be a Jet.  For whatever reason, Steak and Shake brings out the surreal. 



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