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Improv Call Out

            This message may very well blow your mind so I suggest you put yourself in safe, crash position.  This Friday is no ordinary Friday, it is Improv Callout Extravaganza!!!!    . . . Part Duex!!!! 

            With your mind blown you may be wondering what Improv Callout Extravaganza entails.  First and foremost it allows me to utilize my eleventh favorite word (extravaganza). Additionally, there will be a performance by the Ship of Fools in order to demonstrate what games we play and to make sure that our black shirts still fit.  Following the short show, there will be an open forum for audience members to participate in the games.  We highly encourage you to participate in the games because, hey, they’re fun. 

            I also highly encourage you all to bring your friends because hey, they’re fun too.  And as the cliché goes, needles are hard to find in hay stacks the more the merrier.  By bringing friends you’ll also earn points.  What do these points earn you?  Pride, honor, and satisfaction.  In conclusion you should all be at the callout in BRNG 2280 from 7 – 9 on Friday evening. 



Benji “I’m-totally-going-to-earn-pride-with-my-points” Milanowski 


Improv Club Callout

Friday January 20th, 2006

7 – 9 p.m. in Beering 2280


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One thought on “Improv Call Out

  1. can I get points for wishing I was there?

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