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A Pirate’s Life for Me??

            So what do you with a drunken sailor?  I can recommend not performing improv for him.  The premise was that the Ship of Fools was going to perform for a regatta (Mid-winters I believe) which involved the Purdue Sailing Club and a variety of other sailing clubs from around the Mid West region.  We had a somewhat attentive audience and the Fools were of course roaring to go and funny, so what was the problem?  Acoustics.  Apparently they don’t design rental halls for one to conduct a show – who knew?!!?  There were no mic stands and thus we had to either pass a mic around or yell.  Thus, a lot of our jokes were lost on them unless they relied on sheer physicality.  Though show would have been fine and good if it weren’t for this issue.  On the plus side, the people that did hear us did enjoy us.  I’m also more or less happy that the SoF did this show since it was different from we’ve previously done and it set in stone that bar settings probably won’t work, so yay learning experiences.  This show wasn’t anything to brag about, but you know what will be?  The SoF & AOO* show.  Mark your calendars – March 31st. 








*I highly recommend downloading Pi Pi Pi for it’s sheer awesomeness. 




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4 thoughts on “A Pirate’s Life for Me??

  1. I, on the other hand, highly recommend listening to “Pi Pi Pi” when you meet a desirable member of the opposite sex who may or may not be dressed up/imitating the author of this blog, and then choosing it as “your song” when the two of you (you and the dashing imitator, not the author of this blog… sorry ;P) get together.

    • Always the Wingman but never the Da Man. Sigh. When will the author of this blog get together with a desirable member of the opposite sex? Oh well, no real loss because I also have You’re the Bursar to listen to and console me.

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