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            As most anyone knows who talks to me or stalks me by reading my AIM profile, I love random, useless trivia.  People oft submit facts to me, most of the time I know the fact already or have read about it previously.  Recently I received a fact from T. Rex that was something I never knew about even with all my “medical” training.  Now, we all know that the dot of skin between the anus and penis or vagina is the perinea.  We also know that the perinea is called the lovin’ fun bridge or chode.  A majority of us also know that the indentation on the upper lip is called the philtrum. 

            But did you know, that the technical term for cleavage is intermammary sulcus?  That’s right, there’s a technical term for the cleft between the breasts.  Now I’m not surprised that there is a term for it, but I am surprised that I have yet to hear about this term until now.  Because Ryan was able to impress me with this trivia, I am giving it a permanent place on my LJ (instead of a temporary life in my info) much like what Zeus did for Ophiuchus.


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2 thoughts on “Fun Fact

  1. Wow…

    …The things I don’t learn reading your blog!

  2. Anonymous on said:

    chode (without the “e” but pronounced the same way) is actually the hindi word for fuck.

    confusing I know, but fun to call someone a Mader chod.
    -From the girl who use to work at the Village.

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