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And then there were two

            Two of my room mates have left me and it makes me kind of sad.  Not because I miss them.  Adam owned the couch that was in the kitchen.  I loved that couch.  It was so convenient and always there for you whether you were waiting for bread to be toasted or coffee to be umm, percolated? 

            Paul is also gone and now. I’ve noticed I get in less illogical arguments with Paul gone.  Anyone can argue with me illogically but the big problem is that now I don’t have a foil to tell the ever so entertaining naked yogurt time story.  Telling the story without Paul does not capture the ardor, passion, and vehemence typically conveyed when the naked yogurt time story is told.


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9 thoughts on “And then there were two

  1. Atleast now you will always be right about the naked yogurt time story when it gets told..

    • P.S. I really don’t know the bible that well at all but I’m pretty sure David wasn’t naked during the whole Goliath fighting thing..

      • Since you’re English, I’ve often wondered what you do for the Fourth of July? Do you bitterly drink tea making claims like, “We didn’t want those colonies anyway.”? Since, I’m not really patriotic I’ll probably not do anything for the Fourth aside from brag about how awesome the US was versus England in 1776. You were schooled by the US almost as bad as you were schooled by Portugal in the World Cup. And before you retort by asking how the US is doing in the World Cup I feel I should also mention the War of 1812 went rather well for us too.

      • Well this year I celebrated by earning many dollar bills… I don’t actually like tea so I wasn’t drinking any of that. I usually spend 4th of July smacking my head in disbelief at the idiotic comments made by Americans who have completely forgotten the who meaning of July 4th and ask me why it is that I don’t celebrate this most joyous holiday. My usual retort is that people usually don’t celebrate losing a war… Who exactly are you going to brag to about the US being superior to England? I’m not around for you to make fun of, and I don’t think telling Americans that will give you the same satisfaction that I do.

      • The only person I was planning on bragging to was you. So mission accomplished! You’re right though, Americans rarely give me the same satisfaction you do. Wait, that came out . . . whatever. Anyway, hope the money making went well for you.

      • I’m just going to sit here and smile

  2. “forgotten the who meaning of July 4th”

    I know it’s a typo, but it sounds like you’re talking about the meaning of this holiday with respect to a notably British rock band.

    The 4th of July according to The Who- screaming, rocking, smashing guitars…

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