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In class I was able to share my all time favorite fact; the inside of a banana peel can shine shoes.  

I’ll give you 5 points (which mean nothing) if you can say where I learned that fact from. 


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17 thoughts on “Founts of Information

  1. MacGuyver? (also: your answers to the survey were very similar to mine!)

  2. Can I guess twice? My first thought was Uncle Johnn’s….but for some reason I think it might be Uncle Ed.

    • Congratulations Stancey! You haven’t won, but you do get the distinction of submitting two wrong answers.

      • So if I can guess twice I can guess thrice, right? My new guess is ROTC.
        (Oh, and I like the “Yay! You’re so totally wrong!” approach you had in responding. It’s kinda “I’m gonna hit you with this hand….”)

      • You can guess as many times as you’d like but just remember with millions of things to quote your odds become infintessimally small. And no, I did not learn that from ROTC. I learned how to fall asleep at attention in ROTC.

        And my approach is basically the approach I’d take if I were teaching, “That’s your answer? Really? Do you hear that Johnny? That’s the sound of the gods smacking their heads . . . because they are disappointed . . . with you.”

        And I am going to hit you with this hand.

      • You brought this on yourself by saying I could guess as much as I want. Plus, I don’t like failing, so, here we go!

        4. one fell on your shoe and you figured it out yourself
        5. The Hippie
        6. Mythbusters

        You know what else is funny….?

      • 4. No . . . and what??
        5. No, but the hippie has taught me many things, like how to burn incense properly and how to do computer things
        6. I’m not sure they’ve ever done anything like that but the show rules. None the less you are still wrong.

        There are many things funny. Such as how you don’t know where the fun fact is from.

      • I am SUCH a moron. But I won’t give up the answer for all the others playing along. Darn I feel like a fool!

  3. Hrm. My guess is… an elder family member? (vague, I know)

  4. From the wrapper of your bannana? … … wrapper… of bannana…

    • I like your answer the best thus far so I’m going to bestow upon you the 5 points. The answer is that I actually learned it from the movie The Edge, but again, I like Wes . . . a lot. So he wins.

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