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Start off with an Onomatopoeia

            Actually, I started off by trying to sing the first lines of Circle of Life – proving that the SoF should be strictly an improv group rather than a musical one.  After that and some more waffles action the audience was warmed up but it made me wonder, “Is one get together over the summer and one practice the day before enough to produce a coherent, entertaining, and funny improv show?”  If the Hillenbrand show proved anything it is that yes, yes it can be.  I’ll admit, I was initially worried about the show since we haven’t practice together (some of us as long as a year) and we dropped the ball on some other things (recruitment during BGR*).  None the less the Ship of Fools absolutely dominated the stage, or as much of a stage as a TV room can be. 

            We kicked things off as is typical with a two person story.  Dirty Dancing and One Fish, Two Fish combine together to make a great story called Dirty Fish as told by T. Rex and Tripod.  Next, Kyle “Sweet Speak” De Jute hosted a game of party quirks where I cruelly mad her guess that SOG was Ernest Hemmingway.  SOG did his damnedest to drop hints and after some thinking she did it – she is an English major after all. 

            Tripod was interrogated fiercely in the game, interrogation.  T. Rex and Cowboy had to convey that Tripod was Tom Cruise who had just killed snakes on a plane.  Not only were things killed in interrogation, but they were also killed during chain murder mystery.  The audience was slain as three fools and audience member tried to convey a murder that occurred on Sesame Street by a garbage man with a cookie.  There was a bit of flirtatious by play between the audience member and me (but that is to be expected). 

            At one point in time Bottle Opener’s cell phone rang.  While it has a rather charming tune; the Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s theme, I figured I had to do something.  So I answered it for him and after talking with Stu’s friend I hung up on him by asking, “Guess who has great wit and is hanging up?”  While I really don’t like being a jerk like that** it just seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass up.

            Also too good to pass up, puns and one liners vis a vie a game of world’s worst.  Tripod gave the world’s worst colonoscopy by saying, “Since you’re a celebrity, the local TV crew has lent us one of their cameras to use.”  It caused a unanimous and simultaneous clench and gag. 

            Not causing any form of clenches or gags, three things.  The dream team was set out for one task, conveying three things in three minutes and we did it.  I wasn’t too worried about this because let’s face it, two perfect games.  But none the less someone is bound to throw a curve ball . . .  or a change up . . . or whatever is a hard pitch to hit.  Note to self, use sports analogies that you understand. 

We started typically and we ended typically with a bitch concerto.  Cowboy directed us rather well and there was some great bitching about door knobs, among other things.  Seriously, it was just an amazing bout and I am eagerly looking forward to this year’s season of improv. 



*As of 8-22-2006 some of the things have been atoned for – nice work T. Rex and SOG

** I like to be a jerk, but in other ways.  



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  1. Snakes on a Plane!

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