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Seriously, the Other Half is Violence

Last year I lived with three males.  This year I live with three females.  Which set would you expect me to wrestle with?  Which set would you expect me to get into highly illogical arguments with?  If you said the girls and then the boys respectively you win!  That’s right I wrestled and pillow fought (no pajamas, fully clothed) with my room mates this evening.  To the point where Ashley even moved the glass table out of the way to give us a bigger arena. 

Last year, while the Hippie and I did frequently spar in the hallway (which was awesome), I typically argued about beer powered rockets and whether orange juice is a food.  I love my room mates of yester year and I love my room mates of present.  Now if only I had filmed what occurred this evening . . .  



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5 thoughts on “Seriously, the Other Half is Violence

  1. Sounds like fun! 🙂

  2. Question: Was Ashley’s link of Marfan indicative of said affliction?

    Also, just keep plugging away at the pillow fight data collection. We’ll bust this myth…eventually?

    • Ashley doesn’t actually have Marfan Syndrome but I tease her about having it since the symptoms are being tall and having long limbs. She is tall and has long appendages. It’s just an interesting disease.

      And eventually we’ll figure out this whole pillow fight situation. I’m not sure how, but we’ll do it.

      • Well, if those are symptoms, then I don’t think I will ever be accused of it.

        Being tall? Perhaps if I had my spine reworked.
        Long arms? Perhaps if I was not a T.Rex

  3. Matt and I get in pillow fights all the time too…NOT! lol

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