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Improv Show This Friday

Howdy Improvisationalists,

            I just wanted to let you know about a free, upcoming show on 20 Oct. 2006 from 11 – 12 (2300 – 2400) in the East/West Gym in the Co-Rec (RSC for those younger than me).  Because we are having this show there will not be a meeting on Friday night so show up at the Co-rec and not BRNG.  

Our legal department, which largely consists of the Fools who were able to cloth the Justices on page 99 in America the Book, said I couldn’t make crazy claims about this show. 

So I certainly cannot say that this show will dominate any other form of entertainment in the co-rec.  I also cannot say that watching the Ship of Fools will lead you to a higher calling but J. Kacyzynski might tell you.  I’m not allowed to say that this show will induce bouts of entertainment so great that you’ll have super powers but maybe K. Thompson will tell you about her experience.  Finally, I cannot claim that watching the Ship of Fools will let you find the love of your life but T. Rex might be able to make that claim. 

Anyway, there are a lot of things that I cannot claim about the show.  I will tell you that you should be at this show because it should be darn entertaining.  You should also bring your friends to this show because they like things that are darn entertaining as well.  



Benji “I-haven’t-forgotten-my-promise-to-provide-patently-ridiculous-ideas” Milanowski




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