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Howdy Improvisationalists,

            How many times has this happened to you?  You’re on a date with a cutie; you take the hottie to a nice restaurant only to get denied because you didn’t follow the no shirt, no shoes – no service policy?  I know, happens to me all the time as well.  The Ship of Fools is doing what they can to help you out of such a jam. 

            You can order a Ship of Fools t-shirt that will complete part of the no shirt, no shoes equation.  It comes in the all occasion appropriate color gray, says “Ship of Fools” on the front left breast, and has our sweet smiley face ‘n’ cross bones logo on the back.  The shirts cost 15 dollars.  But wait – there’s more!  If you preorder a shirt then we’ll cut the price to 12 dollars.  Preorders involve providing at least 6 dollars and a shirt size to me by 27 Oct 2006.  After which I’ll take the money down to the printing press and have them whip up a bunch of sexy, service granting shirts. 

            Since you might not have a suitable shirt you won’t be able to take that hottie out for a while, right?  Wrong!  Bring your significant other to the clothing optional environment that is the Improv Club.  During this week’s meeting we’re actually discouraging the wear of normal shirts.  We implore each and every one of you to don a Halloween costume.  Dress as whatever you desire – a doctor, a ninja, or a doctor ninja – if you’re in costume, we’re appeased.  This Friday (27th) the meeting will be held in CL50’s main lecture hall from 7 – 9.  Any questions check the recap below or email me.



Benji “Service Always, Clothing Optional” Milanowski



  • Have $6 dollars or greater to pre-order a shirt
  • Oct 27th’s meeting is in CL50 from 7 – 9 pm
  • Wear a costume on the 27th

I ran out of announcements and I find making bulleted lists is fun.


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