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Purdue Improv Club Food Drive

Howdy Improvisationalists,

            The Purdue Improv Club is pretty proud of being one of the only campus organizations that doesn’t have any club fees or dues.  We believe comedy’s readily available and therefore free.  But this Friday, Nov 10th, we’re charging an admission.  Bring in a canned food item or other non-perishable to donate to the Purdue Improv Club so they can in turn donate it to the Boiler Volunteer Network’s food drive (fractal donating).  Ok, you of course don’t have to do this; we simply implore you to spare a pack of ramen noodles, a can of soup, or a non-perishable and in return we’ll provide all the comedy you can handle from 7 – 9 p.m. in BRNG 2280.



Benji “Food-for-thought” Milanowski


P.S. What’s the greatest nation in the world?


P.P.S. Feel free to bring in more than one item.  In fact bring in as many as you can carry or cart over in a little red wagon.



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