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Final Improv Show and Meeting of the Semester

Howdy Improvisationalists,

            As most of you know, Dead Week does not signal seven days of zombocalyptic fun.    It signals that finals and bad undead puns are upon us.  I have the cure for both ailments – one last huzzah with the Ship of Fools and the Purdue Improv Club!

            It’s an unproven fact that laughter is the best medicine and if it isn’t it at least makes a great anesthetic.  It will be kicked off with a 30 minute performance by the SoF.  Then there will be our standard, good ol’ fashion open forum to perpetuate the laughs.  There will be surprises, thrills, chills, spills and it is going to be one of the finest nights yet.  And while there will be puns, possibly zombie ones, ours are statistically better than both the mean and the median.  Questions?  Ask me or check the recap below:


  • Friday, Dec 8th, Improv Show and Meeting in BRNG 2280 from 7 – 9 pm
  • Laugh away stress
  • Last meeting of the semester 



Benji “Zombies-have-Deadication” Milanowski


P.S. If you ordered a shirt and have yet to pick it up, I’ll have them with me so bring your favorite form of US currency!


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