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Relevant in 1985 – Relevant in 2007


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5 thoughts on “Relevant in 1985 – Relevant in 2007

  1. I hope none of them quit football with asperations of being the original American Idol.. :-/

    • I am prett sure they did this to raise money for local charities. And because they were going to the Super Bowl.

      • Anonymous on said:

        Super Bowl Shuffle

        I am not sure about the local charities, that could be. Hopefully brain cancer, that is my favorite to give to. Anywho, they did not in fact make this because they were going to the Super Bowl, they actually made this before the season even started because they were pompous assholes that were sure they were going to win. Well even pompous assholes are right now and again, and people like me, well we just bitch about anything and should just shut up.

      • Re: Super Bowl Shuffle

        They did indeed donate the money to local charities. I do not know which ones. And they made it because they were going to the super bowl. Yes it came out before they knew they were going but come on there’s no way they weren’t going to make it. Again I feel the need to make a reference to House who is clearly a major league d-bag but when you’re right you’re right. Often times, that’s all that really matters.

  2. oh, lol at the 80’s. And da bears. 🙂

    I bet you’re happy for ’em. They’ve had a good season, and deserve to be there… but I’m sure not cheering for them. 🙂

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