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            First and foremost sorry to Cowboy, I did not mean to kick him in the face.  Second and penultimately, props to Beard for literally giving me the shirt off of his back.  By now, avid readers you are probably saying, “Wha-wa-hut?” Let me explain.

            Friday night there was a short but well done Purdue Improv Club meeting.  High points include a visit from Matt Dennig and Spanke and using the SoF/AOO show video for quach. 

            The meeting was short so that the Fools would have enough time to prep for the anti-drinking guerilla theatre stint at the Recess with Rowdy.  When we arrived we were met by a giant inflatable obstacle course advertised as the purple people eater.  Clearly, this was going to have to be run . . . and clearly this was going to be the downfall of one of us.  Cowboy and I were blessed by Hermes in running the course and clearly we had to race against each other.  Cowboy won the first race and I was about to win the second race until I kicked Cowboy in the face.  That’s right; I kicked him in the face.  Paul writes scathing emails and I rely on what I learned in Kuk Sool Won. 

            It was an accident of course, I, after all, have a guy love for Cowboy.  The kick resulted in forcing his glasses down his face further resulting in abrasions, pain, and epistaxis that lasted at least ten minutes. 

            While his nose bleed was calming down Peace and I performed a skit ripped from Penn & Teller about pick pocketing your friend who is going to drive drunk. 

“Take his keys and while you’re at it his wallet – you are, after all, saving the guy’s life.  Doctors charge you money when they save your lives.”

The skit went well and having reached my hands into Peace’s pockets several times I can tell you ladies that he should not be single.  SOG, Tripod, Bottle Opener, and Cowboy performed a well done Irish drinking song about beer pong. 

While this was occurring Sweet Speak and T. Rex were cup stacking.  Kyle wore beer goggles and T. Rex didn’t.  I was initially concerned that there wouldn’t be an obvious discrepancy between a person with and a person without the goggles but there clearly was.  The discrepancy was even more evident when non-Fools tried it out. 

The ultimate event occurred when the Fools were ordered military drill style to pie themselves in their respective faces.  After the first volley of shaving cream slapstick projectile they were allowed to fire at will and fire at will they did.  I received several pies to the face and one oddly erotic pie to my arse. 

The event almost did not happen . . . twice.  I tested out a can of whipped cream to see how many pies you could make.  My can was apparently an anomaly as it gave me a little more than twenty pies.  The two cans present at the show made about 4 a piece.  Cowboy and Peace went out to buy shaving cream and returned with four cans . . . they had bought thirteen.  The SoF leaves no man behind and we leave no can behind.  They retrieved the left cans and the pievent of a life time occurred. 

Afterward I had to clean my shirt off in the sink and sadly I forgot to grab a spare shirt before the event.  Beard was kind enough to provide me the shirt right off of his back (he had an undershirt on).  The shirt was not so prominently featured in the portrait that Stancey, Polliwog, T. Rex, and I posed for after all of the festivities. 

All of our anti-drinking messages got through to a variety of people.  Every time we did an event people nearby gathered to watch.  Irish drinking song actually stopped people in their tracks to watch.  While tending to my wounds from the Pie-a-troopers battle a guy said, “That was some melee.  Nice work.”  So even if he didn’t get our message he at least enjoyed watching people be violent toward one another with shaving cream.  What more could be asked?


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8 thoughts on “SWO Show III

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I’m not sure why,

    But I’ve never been a regular reader of your blog. I’ve decided that has to change. I’ve now linked to you from my blog, giving me easy access to yours, as my blog is one of my 12 home pages. Benji, you are always entertaining and informative.

  2. Man… so many good stories in one night. 🙂 You told them well!

  3. I know we have our differences regarding undershirts, but I think that night was clearly an example of the advantages of having one.

    • I’m not one to forget about having a spare shirt when one will be needed. Clearly this time around I forgot.

      I do wear layers every once and a while but that typically occurs when it is cold outside or I want to feel fashionable by wearing a Threadless t-shirt over a non-descript long sleeve shirt.

      T. Rex is sexy.

  4. Very well told. I might just link to you rather then do a write up of my own if you don’t mind. 😉
    And I agree, T. Rex is sexy.

    • I do not mind you linking to me and my description though I encourage you to write your own for my own selfish reasons. I’m always curious to see the perceptions and view points of others. Of course if you don’t want to then no big deal.

      Glad to see you agree about T. Rex. Sex appeal effervesces through the SoF.

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