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Bill Nye & Pugwash

            Saturday, 7 April 2007, I was able to see Bill Nye the Science Guy speak at the Midwest conference held by Pugwash.  I was able to see a variety of speakers actually and as a result of Saturday’s experience quite a few revelations came about.


Myth:  Conferences and speakers about space exploration and its challenges are boring

Truth:  No, in fact they can be quite interesting.  I really thought it was going to be dry but the reality is that a lot of the speakers were engaging.  Bill Nye was especially engaging and hilarious.  He recommended using the word “Plinths (“lots of consonants, few vowels”)” for anagram games and called WWII the “extended dance remix of WWI”.  He also spoke about the challenges ahead of us regarding space exploration and protecting the planet on which we live.


Myth:  Bill Nye will sign a comic that satirizes his Science Guy persona

Truth:  No, no he will not.  Though Bill has a great sense of humor he did not sign this comic.  I had to pass the comic on to another individual to sign it but I was told by yet a different individual (Tripod) that he wouldn’t sign it for copyright reasons.  I actually suspect that he did not like the comic.  It was worth a shot though because I find it funny (I imagine he is often asked in random locales why phenomena occur). 


Myth:  People who attend science conferences are asocial

Truth:  They’re simply shy and not asocial.  Tripod and I discussed a variety of topics during the conference and a lot of people chimed in.  I met a guy that does magic tricks, another one that fears the zombpocalypse, a girl that likes Firefly, and a smorgasbord of people that have a lot of the same interests I do without having to use the phrase “glyvin!” when talking about them.


Myth:  There are no attractive people at science conferences

Truth:  The myth couldn’t be more wrong.  There are a lot of attractive people.  Not only are they physically attractive but they are mentally attractive too.  Fun Fact:  Tripod knows almost every attractive girl there and interacts with them regularly.  I don’t have anything clever to say to that other than, “WoW”.  


*          *          *


“My vehicle saves gallons on fossil fuels.  The gallon is this old unit of measurement . . .” Bill Nye


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