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I still like the Easter Bunny

            I have a problem with Easter.  No, do not worry – this has nothing to do with my atheism.  I may not believe in God but I have no problem with what you believe in.  Why do we celebrate Easter?  Friday is when Christ died for your sins (assuming you are a Christian).  Shouldn’t Good Friday be celebrated because Christ died for my sins?  Easter Sunday Christ was just showing off.  “Hey, Romans, remember when you killed me.  You didn’t.  Better luck next time.”  Sure, becoming a benevolent zombie is a miracle but is it as important as dying to absolve sins? 


            In other Easter related news, SOG hosted improv on Friday via DVD.  It was absolutely astonishing.  To the best of my knowledge no sins were absolved but tons of laughs were evoked. 

            SOG interacted beautifully with the audience and the improvisationalists.  He used a dictionary and a Spanish-English dictionary when playing a modified game of hesitation.  It was awesome.  Really you should have been there. 


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