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Catch Improv If You Can

Howdy Improvisationalists,

            This is your pilot speaking; I’d like you all to put your seat backs and tray tables in the upright locked position and brace yourself in the crash position because we are about to slam head first into some major improv. 

            Our improv flight will begin with a normal night of improv on Friday the 13th.  Superstition and classic horror flicks will not stave off improv!  We’ll reach cruising altitudes on Sunday the 15th at 3 am (the liminal phase between Saturday night and Sunday morning) there will be a show by the Ship of Fools at Relay for Life on the intramural fields across from Hillenbrand.  We will be entertaining the anti-cancer masses and you are encouraged to be there, not just for the improv, but to support those who are not supporting cancer. 

            There will be an in-flight movie on Monday the 16th from 7 – 9 in Forney G140.  This event is sponsored by Hillel and is scheduled to have an hour of improv followed by an awesome hour of sketch comedy by the Late Night Players.  If you have any questions feel free to ask or check the recap.

·         Friday the 13th: Improv @ BRNG 2280 from 7-9 pm

·         Sunday the 15th: Ship of Fools & Relay for Life @ Intramural fields at 3 am

·         Monday the 16th: Ship of Fools & Late Night players @ FRNY G140 from 7-9 pm

·         Your pants can be a floatation device.



Benji “I’m-a-pilot-like-Frank-Abagnale-Jr” Milanowski



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5 thoughts on “Catch Improv If You Can

  1. If you’re such a good pilot then catch me if you can!

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Benji Can Predict the Future

    Seriously, its erie in light of the theme that the Relay for Life show ended up being at the airport.

    • Re: Benji Can Predict the Future

      I wish I could predict the future. Sadly, even with clever retconing and cold reading techniques it is sadly a mere coincidence that we ended up at the Purdue airport. Just in case you’re on to something; however, I am going to get a Zener deck and see what happens.

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