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Howdy Improvisationalists,

            If there is one thing I learned about World War II it’s that civilian soldiers are astounding in their will to triumph.  If there are two things I learned it is that fighting a two front war is exceptionally difficult.

            Having learned at least two things I’m here to tell you that there will not be a normal improv meeting this Friday on 20 April 2007.  The Ship of Fools will be performing guerilla theatre for the Student Wellness Office at the Co-rec’s carnival.  You are all invited to come as there will be a myriad of madness and a plethora of pleasure.              The last meeting for the Purdue Improv Club will occur on 27 April 2007.  There will be two solid hours dedicated to improv and hilarity.  It is guaranteed to be a good time and it will help alleviate stress that occurs before finals.  Unless you do not have stress in which case you should be studied.  Any questions?  Check the recap.

·         Guerilla theatre on 20 April, at the Co-rec from 1030 pm – 200 am

·         Improv Meeting on 27 April, at BRNG 2280 from 7 – 9 pm



Benji “I-play-Risk-because-I’m-not-man-enough-to-enlist” Milanowski


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