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Relay For Life Recap: Better late than never

            For the uninitiated, performing at Relay For Life at an early morning time is tradition.  Another tradition is that the weather is cold, wet, and irritable like a marble in your shoe.  The 15 April performance held up to tradition.  It was so cold and wet that not only was it move from the intramural fields to the airport but a majority of the activities were moved from outside to inside.

            There was a fleeting moment where this was going to be true for the SoF but alas it did not happen as there was not enough space to perform indoors and people were sleeping.  We shall not disturb sleeping people who fight cancer – ninth rule of Fight Club. 

            Weather aside; how did the SoF do?  I really couldn’t tell you.  When I wasn’t dispensing the funny I was huddled with a mass of Fools to try and stay warm.  Fools are soundproof which made it difficult to hear all of the games. 

We knew about half of the audience, so thanks to Jenny, Stancey, Jamie, friend of Peace, et al.  Incidentally, this wasn’t really that bad of a situation.  The audience members – those we did and did not know – participated well.  Getting suggestions was occasionally difficult.  The two members plucked to play hesitation did a great job of giving words that were random and Sweet Speak and Tripod did an excellent job of handling such words and the scene. 

Deaf Interpreter was also high energy.  Tripod, Peace, and Kamikaze kept feeding me lines that allowed for maximum pantomime.  As I recall a majority of our games were high energy.  I can only presume that is because we were fighting any notion hypothermia.  Moral of this traditional story: hypothermia is a motivator for hilarity or at least being high energy.


*          *          *

“We’re distracted so easily because we’re so intelligent.” Sweet Speak


[During If you know what I mean set at an Airport]

“They took my shank.” Peace


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