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The show at Hillel with the Late Night Players was positive overall but best classified as a polyphasic titration.  Over all, it was an average show.  We’ve done better, but we’ve also done worse . . . much, much worse. 

While there were not as few as there were for the Relay for Life show, there were still not that many in attendance for the Hillel show with the Late Night Players.  Additionally, there were several last second changes thrust upon us – we were set to do an hour show and had to pare it down to a twenty minute opening act.  Further placing the show into jeopardy was the fact that we started off some what slow.  We should have grasped the audience sooner.  I blame myself for not engaging the audience as I should have while warming them up. 

On the plus side, we recovered quickly bringing our pace and energy up.  The Late Night Players also did well with their sketch comedy.  My favorite sketch was one involving the Chinese zodiac and how it is highly illogical though the current zodiac based off of Roman-Greco mythology is way to go. 

The second peak in this double titration curve of comedy was the fact that the SoF held their own in the jam session.  We played Freeze and 185 (LNP call it 187) with the LNP and our scenes and puns were just as good if not better than theirs.  It is most certainly not a competition but it is nice to see that the SoF can be comparatively funny to a traveling, professional sketch-comedy troupe. 


*          *          *


[During Freeze with a flamboyantly dressed Late Night Player]

“I’d like to thank the Academy for this award.  Umm, it’s much heavier than I expected.” Benji





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2 thoughts on “SoF & LNP

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Seth v. Benji

    While Seth from the LPN could do the robot and the worm. Only you, Benji, can do the Robot-Worm! Thank you for allowing us to see that one last time.

    • Re: Seth v. Benji

      Really we need to thank Quasar and Tripod for letting it be seen again. Andy handed John a message invoking the robot worm; which is barely the robot and no where close to the worm.

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