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My Weekend in Limerick

Friday Night
Sitting perched on the steps of

I watched jugglers with great glee

Twirl devil sticks my boy

And spin some fired poi

Oh golly, oh wow, oh my, oh wee!

Much Later Friday Night

Taking in alcohol from a trough

SWO would love it if you would lay off

The Fools had no say

Our skits were cast away

Let us all go to SOG’s for Smirnoff


Diagnosing with dry erase board

My brain is a bit like a squashed gourd

It looks so fun on House

Paper work is my spouse

Oh how I pine for the gorgeous fjords


A few Fools threw a toy by Wham-O

Thankfully, no one went ka-blamo

After a fountain run

Some food related fun

Next time we’ll do something with camo



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5 thoughts on “My Weekend in Limerick

  1. Oh wow. There aren’t words for how awesome this entry is.

  2. Always been a limerick fan myself, props for the creativity. 😉

  3. Thank you ladies for your kind words. Sadly, this post enticed me into spending way too much time on Wiki (if there is such a thing).

  4. Super strong and super naked!

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