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Johnny B Goods

If a friend ever calls you and says, “Hey I’ve got the goods.” And you did not request any goods you may want to question that meeting.  That is what I should have done when Cowboy called me about the goods he had in the trunk of his car.  What goods did he have, about twenty-two cases of 12 pack soda pop.  Why?  Because Beard apparently had 160 dollars left on his Boiler Express account. 

Polliwog often asks, “What’s the best part of your day? Go!” I would have to say this was certainly a highlight.  If nothing else it was exceptionally odd and I think that is why I am so amused by this


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3 thoughts on “Johnny B Goods

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Cowboy Says…

    What’s the highlight of MY day? Checking Benji’s Blog and see that I am mentioned!
    Myth: Making Benji’s blog can actually make your day…

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