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    I am currently forming the posse that is my groomsmen and I’ve thought about auctioning a spot on eBay.  I am picking my groomsmen with the worry and premonition that the zombpacolypse will occur during my wedding and they will have to work with me to defend my bride and guests from a bevy of superhuman undead.  With all of that said I could also finance part of the wedding by offering a spot to the highest bidder.  Who knows, maybe the highest bidder will be a retired SEAL or SF?


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9 thoughts on “Z-Squad

  1. You know, you could just auction off a couple of general invites, and you’d probably still make a little money.

    CRASH MY WEDDING! (with special thanks to eBay)

  2. Anonymous on said:

    sweet. I’ll bid. I’ve already got a zombie escape/defense plan all laid out! Always be prepared is my motto…boy scouts taught me well…and it’s never stupid to have a plan no matter how stupid the situation may be.

  3. You could do an audition. That’d be tight.

  4. I would like to be safe from zombie attack. Bu how can we make sure it’s someone that will help fend them off and not some schmuck that wants to drink all our alcohol and impregnate any non-pregnant bridesmaids?

    • We cannot be sure that it will not be an idiot. If it is an idiot we know we have the token guy that dies right away. If he’s an idiot then I suspect your bridesmaids will be smart enough to avoid him and thus avoid his impregnating sperm. If the guy isn’t an idiot then he might be useful as a machine gunner or a melee fighter. I suspect then that all of your bridesmaids will want him as their biological urge, telling them to select the most desirable genes, will take over.

      • Fair enough. And to think I picked my bridesmaids for their ability to back me up in a dance fight. Clearly you had more foresight.

  5. You should just use all the fools, and in the event of a Zombpacolypse they can perform and make the zombies laugh so hard their heads explode. It’s a little messy but if done from enough of a distance everyones tuxs should stay clean.

  6. I don’t know if that could work?

    If you put a disclaimer on there that he needs to be prepared for the zombpacolypse, he may over-prepare, kick ass, and put one or more of your groomsmen (that you intended to survive) at risk. Or you may lose potential revenue if they fear their lives (like they should).

    That all said, you can count on me 100% to defend the wedding party, and above all the bride and groom with all that I have from any threat, undead or otherwise.

  7. I think the e-bay idea is awesome, just for the sheer fact that people will bid on anything, and I would love to see you post that on there.

    Renee told me I should sell a piece of my soul on e-bay and see what kind of bids I get. I would bid on your auction ahead of mine, hands down.

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