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Friday Five on Wednesday

  • Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?
    • Yes.
  • When you’re home alone, do you strip down to get comfortable? Do you ever go out without underwear (bra and/or panties) because it’s more comfortable?
    • I rarely wear a bra.  During the summer I usually take my shirt off when I get home because I feel hot.
  • Have you ever/Do you use the bathroom with the door open? Are you comfortable using public facilities?
    • I typically close the door when using a bathroom, probably more out of habit than anything.  I have no problem using a public bathroom
  • When getting intimate with your significant other, lights on or off?
    • Whatever the state of lights were when we started is usually how the lights ended up.
  • How comfortable are you with body exposure/nudity of others? Group shower rooms? topless/nude beaches? breastfeeding in public?
    • I have no problem with group showers, nude beaches, or breastfeeding in public.

I did this Friday Five on Wednesday; why?  Because this weekend I was preoccupied with my roommates’ wedding.  Adam and Els, both former room mates, got married on 19 May 2007 and needless to say it was a superb time. 

While the wedding was exceptionally nice one of the highlights for me was a lack of syncope.  I am sure others will cite their highlights at the beauty of the bride, the awesome stained glass windows, or the sexiness of the groomsmen and while I liked all of these things too, I am glad no one fainted.

I was also fascinated by the photographer.  He was like a commando with a camera.  In order to get various shots of the groomsmen he crawled into ditches near heavily trafficked roads and contorted himself into positions that scare a funambulist.  He took pictures of the wedding bands (in shot he was able to get the engraving on the band). In order to reduce movement and bring the shot out of focus he timed it between respirations and heartbeats – that’s right, just like a rifleman. 

The rehearsal dinner and reception had awesome food, but more importantly I found a new drink to enjoy; vodka Collins.  One of the highlights for me at the reception was my best man speech.  I’m sure it sounds conceited but what made me happy about it was that I caused my current room mate Ashley to burst out with her own brand of raucous laughter.  She has this laugh, where after it is released you feel the need to ask if she’s ok.  I caused that, and as a comedian that makes me feel exceptionally good about myself. 


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One thought on “Friday Five on Wednesday

  1. As a former wedding videographer I can concur with the fact that weddings are a blast, and there are some pretty good photographers out there (this guy seems like a god) as well as some major idiots.

    I like the whole sprinkler dance there bro. Looking good, looking good.

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