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Friday Five; Imported

1. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
            My favorite superheroes were Gambit, Daredevil, and Jean Grey.  So if I could have the ability to make an explosive out of most anything, superior senses, or superior extra senses I think I would be pretty satisfied with that.  Of course, if I couldn’t have those I think I’d be satisfied with a magnetic colon or something.  

2. Which is more attractive to you: physical appearance or personality?
            Personality.  With that said, the first thing I tend to notice is the exterior.  It’s hard to look across a party/classroom/three ring circus and say, “She looks really intelligent.”  And now with that said, I notice the interior personality almost instantaneously so as to determine if this person is someone I’m going to be talking to for a while or just long enough to come up with an excuse to leave.

 3. Who did you last fight with?
            11 July 1804.  I had a slightly unsuccessful political campaign and this secretary just kept harassing me and making rather derogatory comments about me.  I had no choice but to issue a challenge and cause death from an infected gun shot wound. 

4. What did you eat last night?
            Subway’s delectable chicken teriyaki on honey oat bread with a variety of peppers.

5. Who are you mad about?
            I’m mad about you.

 One thing I am mad about is the fact that Stu “Bottle Opener” Ogle has ceased living at my place.  My emotions are derived not only from the fact that I love hanging out with Stu (he’s hilarious, smart, and he has the hands of a prison doctor) but also from the fact that I did not perform any kind of joke on Stu.  I know, it’s my fault that I didn’t but I still feel amiss about not doing it.  So here are some of the things I considered doing:

1.                            Taping wrapping paper to his door frame at night.  When he wakes up instead of greeted with the hallway he’ll see something like “Happy Birthday”.  I recommend writing a pithy quote like, “Today’s a gift that’s why it’s called the present” on the paper too.

2.                            Tying cans to his car and a sign that says “Honk! Just Married!”.  Stu prizes his car (as he should – it’s awesome) so I would never do anything to damage it (I took his lug nuts though) but this just seems like a lot of fun.

3.                            Hook his computer up to a clapper.  This is actually a horribly mean prank but I always consider it just so I have a starting place.  “I could hook his computer up to a clapper.  Hmm, I should do something not mean . . . like cover his room with tin foil.”



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4 thoughts on “Friday Five; Imported

  1. Oh man. I want to do the “Just Married” thing to John’s van.

    Also, totally didn’t know Stu was living with you. Weird. 🙂

    • Stu was doing research or something of that nature for the past three weeks and needed a place to stay. As a result, I earned yet another sexy room mate.

      I think you should totally do the just married thing to John’s van. It can only result in greatness and, since it involves John, confusion. Awkward confusion.

  2. “I took his lug nuts though” Made my snicker quietly (with effort) behind my hand.

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