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Scratchy English Banknotes are Quidditches

            I received an e-mail from fellow Fool, Cowboy, which mentioned he was switching apartments and buying the new Harry Potter book and that he wanted to hang out some time while he was in town.  I am not sure he quite expected this but I wrote back, “Fun fact: a pastime of mine is to wait in line so if you want some company while buying the book I’m game.”

            I have not read any of the Harry Potter books and I have no intention of reading them but a good time can be had at events such as this because I can experience detached bemusement of the on-goings.  This event was particularly enjoyable as I was able to spend time with Cowboy, Peace, Peace’s girlfriend, and Peace’s friend.

            There were hundreds of people at Borders and as a result I was hoping to cross something off of my to-do list; crowd surf in a book store.  I’ve crowd surfed in a few other places but never in a book store and it sadly remains that way.  I settled for uttering the line, “What is all this?  I just want to buy a copy of Band of Brothers” Upon entering the store and getting caught in the middle of a Potter hungry crowd.  In retrospect, I really could use a copy of the Band of Brothers book – see these events also let me reflect upon my needs and wants.

The reason why I did not crowd surf at the event was due to Cowboy receiving a call informing him that the much anticipated wizard book was being sold without long lines at Wal-Mart.  We promptly departed to the land of falling prices.  I bought a copy of the book for my room mate since it was readily available and she desires to read it.  While standing in the check out line I read the last page which confirmed one of my hypotheses about the book/series ending*.  Huzzah to deduction!


And now for something completely different: Friday Five.


·  Have you ever been to summer camp?

            I have never attended a summer camp as a camper though I was a counselor for Camp Calcium.  I have good memories of kayaking, playing video games, and having the campers pee into bottles**.  Fautro***. 


·  Have you ever made a s’more?

            Of course I have.  I actually used to make s’mores when I worked at the Valparaiso Country Club.  The coffee warmers are great hot plates to melt things like marshmallows though I frequently melted Andes mints as I rarely had access to marshmallows. 


·  Have you ever slept under the stars (no tent/tarp)?

            Yes.  I’ve slept outside under the stars and I’ve slept indoors under the stars.  I had some glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling – until I was nineteen. 


·  Have you ever had a member of the opposite sex sleep over at your house?

            Yes.  Actually, for the past year, I’ve had any where from 1 to 3 women sleep in my house.  I’ve had some wild times with them; pillow fighting . . . or watching So You Think You Can Dance.


·  What type of bed do you have (queen, twin, bunk, etc.) ?

            A twin size as that is what was furnished at my current place of residence.




*I have not read the series but I have the Wikipedia entries on the books since knowledge is power.  Also, because I think one of the greatest assets an improvisationalists has is the ability to talk/mime about anything.

**Should any future employers see this, I assure you it was an ethically approved experiment and I got no satisfaction from it, well, I did enjoy the kayaking.

***Fautro is a portmanteau of Four and Cuatro.  It means whatever you want it to mean.


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2 thoughts on “Scratchy English Banknotes are Quidditches

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I once went to a bookstore when one of the Harry Potter books was coming out. Um, accidentally. It took me a minute to figure out why there were so many people around.

    – PK

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Cowboy Says

    Almost all of my predictions were accurate as well…even where I was wrong..I wasn’t really *that* wrong. Either way it’s always a pleasure to read the blog of Benji..and be mentioned.

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