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            I recently received a card from grandma and I was disappointed to see a complete lack of confetti.  Whenever I received a card from my grandma I often had a roommate open it for me.  My roommates would have a splash of confetti fall upon them.  It was a good practical joke until my grandma opted to tape down the individual pieces of confetti.  There are things about old people we will never understand until we become them. 

As fun as it was giving my room mates a shower of shiny slivers it was not nearly as fun as the event recently pulled upon Tripod.  He fell asleep at my place as others were playing Wii Sports.  We considered waking him up, simply leaving him at my place, saran wrapping him to the chair he fell asleep in, or carrying him to Ross-Ade stadium and placing him and an empty bottle of beer on the 50 yard line.  We opted to turn off the lights and yell, “Truck!” while pointing flashlights at him.  The results can be seen here.  Thankfully, Tripod took the whole thing in good humor and thankfully I am 100 miles away from him so retaliation should be minimal.  If only we had confetti to throw at him as well. 




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4 thoughts on “Fun-fetti

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Jamie Says…

    You are indeed lucky Benji, unlike Ryan. Paybacks are hell, I believe you yourself once said that it’s one thing to wake up naked in the Engineering fountain, but quite another to do so in the Liberal Arts fountain.

    • Re: Jamie Says…

      ” . . . it’s one thing to wake up naked in the Engineering fountain, but quite another to do so in the Liberal Arts fountain.”

      I do believe I said something similar to that. I am not overtly recommending it but if you ever happen to do both you’ll know exactly what I mean.

  2. I am fearful of retaliation, but not out of luck. Proximity, friendship, and other factors are more important to me. Besides- I’m fairly certain Tripod likes me, so I probably won’t die?

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