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Feel Like A Secret Service Agent

            It may be a little odd but I thoroughly enjoy shopping for school supplies.  I am not sure why I like them; maybe it is because it signifies a fresh start – new grades, new people, new chances or maybe it is simply because Mead Five Star makes some sweet products.  Either way, the Examear company has created a product that everyone needs who is going back to school.

            The device is a covert ear piece which can receive information transmitted via an accomplice, MP3 player, or a mobile phone.  I have always wanted to create a company to help people cheat using a micro camera and an ear piece.  The customer would wear the camera and aim it at the question in question.  The image would be transmitted to oh, say a guy in a van with appropriate text books so he could look up the answer and then transmit it back via an ear piece.  Of course doing such a thing would be highly unethical and possibly illegal but it would check off “perform a caper” on my to-do list. 

There are easier and cheaper methods of cheating, for example crib sheets or storing the information in a biostorage facility.  If you are seriously considering the Examear be wary as the British have already been informed about it.  The British have yet to be informed; however, that with the proper service provider they can receive more than seven channels. 


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2 thoughts on “Feel Like A Secret Service Agent

  1. Anonymous on said:

    That actually happened to me once…

    Actually it didn’t…I should really stop starting a phrase under false pretenses. It would be cool if that actually happened to me once…alas…

    Tomorrow is the PSUB activities fair, so I’m going to do my best to keep up with the yelling of “Purdue Improv Club, willing to yell about the Purdue Improv Club”

    Missing Hallway,

    • Re: That actually happened to me once…

      Never happened to me ever. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I hope you are doing well and I hope the PSUB fair rocks.

      Wanting Cowboy,

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