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The Dangerous Book for Boys

            “Hey, guess who is a lesbian?”  I love it when conversations start off this way.  Given the type of friends I have; however, most of the time conversations start off with, “I’ve got a great book for you to read.”  I currently have a long list of books to read and a short list of lesbians. 

            With all of that said, hey I’ve got a great book for you to read.  The Dangerous Book for Boys is an utterly fantastic book filled with a plethora of information.  The book has 80 chapters (sections really), each devoted to a particular area such as how to make a bow and arrow, historical battles, insects, navigation, pen and paper games, coin tricks, knots, and making a down-hill go-cart to name a few.  All of the information you wanted to learn in boy scouts but did not have the patience for earning a badge is located in this book.  Additionally, this book will not discriminate against you if you are gay or an atheist. 

Obviously, the book is not meant to be read straight through and thus it is an easy book to add to your to-read list.  If you have a young male relative whose gift giving day is coming forward then I recommend this book for him.  Not being sexist, I recommend this book for all who are interested despite the book clearly being marketed toward males from 8 – 80.  Also available, though not yet read by me, The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls. 


“There are worse crimes than burning books.  One of them is not reading them.”  Ray Bradbury


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4 thoughts on “The Dangerous Book for Boys

  1. *gasp!*
    That is so sexist! Boys are supposed to be “dangerous” and girls are supposed to be “glorious” and “great” and…”big”…?
    Perhaps I should check it out. Never did master the finer points of daisy chain making. Not that I’ve had that big a need to make daisy chains for say, survival purposes, but you never know!

    • I am not sure what adjectives boys and girls are supposed to be. What I do know is that you and your comrades are sugar and spice and I have an abundance of puppy dog tails. Either way, I truly recommend TDBFB. I have no clue if the GBFG is any good as it is by a different author and I’ve never read it but I should hope it is.

  2. I’ve heard that recently that there is a sort of quiet crisis facing the modern day boy. Between helicopter parents, overly PC measures, and all manner of emasculating ideas/rules/thoughts, today’s boys are facing a sort of cultural identity crisis and losing touch with more traditional masculine ideals.

    That said, this book may be an encouragement to males with a “dangerous” title meant to inspire curiosity and a sense of wonderlust to open a door of exploration and lost arts. In a sense, the book isn’t about excluding girls, or labeling them as un-dangerous, but simply to encourage boys to read something and do something with their hands, rather than play video games and surf the web.

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