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Raging Bull

42 hours.  That was all I could muster for my so called experiment.  I once stayed up for 42 hours which involved a road trip to Michigan and Canada during MLK weekend.  Martin Luther King Jr. had a noble dream; I didn’t come close to REM that weekend.  I did not come as close I would have liked to my 72 hour record.  I came to the conclusion it is hard to stay up without any real purpose and sadly watching hours of X-Files is not a real purpose.  Normally, when I denied my self somnolence I had a purpose – writing a paper, doing work, gambling in Canada.  I may retry this venture as I was a little disappointed by my capability.


I was also disappointed by the recent posting from Threadless.  I designed the Lemon-Aide shirt several years ago.  Sadly I never did anything to move the design from paper to cotton.  I am not actually disappointed in Threadless, I will probably buy the shirt once they have another 10 dollar tee sale.  I am disappointed in myself because I could have been a contender.


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4 thoughts on “Raging Bull

  1. Still impressive. How old were you when you made it 72? I’ve found as I age I am MUCH less able to stay up even 24 hours. Also, in Canada, did you allow yourself stimulants? Caffeine? Hookers?

    • I was 21 the last time I completed 72 hours. I have found as I age, even a year, I cannot stay up as long as before. I allow myself stimulants but I routinely drink coffee and mountain dew. I do not usually drink them to stay awake (I enjoy the taste). There were no hookers. Or rather, I did not use any hookers. Are hookers known to keep you awake?

      • I routinely drink Mt. Dew for the taste as well…but nobody believes me.

        I’ve no data on hookers. Or blow. Or on the two together, ingested from certain anatomical areas.

      • Anonymous on said:

        hooker are known to keep you UP, do take care of the hooker-dander M.O.M.

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