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Please Consider The Following.

As Corrie and I were showering together she began to lurch forward groaning about brains.  I immediately went into the defensive, ready to perform hand to hand combat with my recently-acquired-bride-cum-zombie.  She began to laugh at me and asserted she was not a zombie.  My wife’s shenanigans are analogous to quipping about a bomb on an airliner.

The incident did open my eyes.  I would have gone hand to hand with a zed.  Doable but not preferred.  I have no weapons while in the shower; moreover, I am on a slick surface in a confined area.  In the bathroom but out of the shower I could use a towel, toothbrush, or magazine as a weapon.  But these items become out of reach when you are in the shower.  From now on I am going to shower with soap on a rope so I at least have some form of flail.  Thanks for having considered the previous.


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One thought on “Please Consider The Following.

  1. Well done, sir. I encourage people to take the zed threat seriously.

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