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Wool over my eyes? No, a truck hood

There was some trepidation when I was a Boy Scout displaying my knowledge of knots to earn a merit badge.  I tied a slew of knots, bends, hitches, bights, and shanks and to this day I have used a handful of them; a bowline here, a slip knot there.  On 22 Dec 2008, I used a taut line hitch to hold the hood of my truck, onto, well, my truck. 

An earlier accident caused damage to the bumper, grill, and hood latch to my truck.  thus when I slammed my hood down after jump starting my dad’s vehicle and heard the click of the hood latch I should not have assumed everything was alright.  Instead I should have assumed my hood was going to fly up, shear the hinge it moves upon, bend severely all while obscuring my view while driving 45 mph (72 kmh) on a busy bypass.  Yes, it was like the scene from Tommy Boy and much like the scene from Tommy Boy my initial reaction was to laugh and ask if this was really happening.  Unlike Tommy Boy, I quickly pulled over and threw on my hazard lights.  Apparently, the previous accident not only damaged the hood latch, but it also secured the hood by wedging it between the bumper and frame of the truck.

At this current juncture I’m contemplating repairs to the truck and other possibilities (e.g. removing the hood and driving it sans hood).  I would say I have the worst luck with vehicles (considering my other car’s state of perpetual repair), but this hardly compares to my friend SOG’s car which had a Viking pyre send off because it was parked next to a vehicle which became a conflagrated mess.  My vehicle has yet to meet Odin in Valhalla. 

Reverse angle

This sucks but at least I gave the people driving next to me a funny story to tell.


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2 thoughts on “Wool over my eyes? No, a truck hood

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Fun fact: I once saw that happen to someone while driving to work. Well, while *I* was driving to work. I don’t know where he was driving, other than in the lane next to me going the same direction. Luckily traffic was pretty light and he was already in the right lane, so no harm done. Except to the hood, I guess.

    Turns out it’s not *that* funny a story.

    — PK aka the CMG

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